CnS Citizenship

 At CnS, we strive to provide a family friendly gaming environment that may be enjoyed by all. To accomplish this, we ask that you...

  1. Keep it clean - Our store is tobacco-product/vape-free zone for our guest's comfort. Please refrain from smoking within 20 feet of entrance. Please pick up after yourself so others may enjoy a clean space after you. 
  2. Keep it courteous - Please use appropriate language (no foul language), be respectful of those around you and play with good sportsmanship. Good sportsmanship will be rewarded! Return all borrowed games in good condition so future players may enjoy them in good condition as well. 
  3. Keep it conscientious - Theft and cheating will not be tolerated. Persons caught stealing will be reported to police and banned from store. Cheating in tournaments or during regular game play may result in exclusion from future store events or dismissal from store. 

Gaming Area Contribution

The back of the shop is dedicated to our gaming community.  There is a nominal fee of $2 per person/day that helps with the maintenance of your local game store.  This fee is waived with $10 or more of merchandise purchased during your visit.  It is also a portion of any of the event fees that we have always included, so no increase in tournament fees.

In addition, starting in February 2020, any merchandise purchase will receive 1 ticket for each $10 spent.  These tickets may be used to waive the gaming area fee, reserve premium terrain, serve as payment for reserved tables, cover the in store rental rate for paints and crafting materials, etc.  They may even be used as entries for random drawings as this program grows.

We're excited to implement the ticket program as a way to keep your gaming area open and available for you, your family, and  your friends.  Thank you for your continued support of your friendly local game store. 


Military Discount


 ​CnS is proud of our military heritage, involvement, and support. We gladly extend a 20% discount to military members and dependents. Please show active ID card or DD214 at register. Thank you for your service. We are honored to serve our brothers and sisters-in-arms. Hooah!

Reward Programs

Pack Rewards Program:

  • When you buy 9 packs of cards (Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Dragonball Super, etc.) you receive your 10th pack for free.  You'll be given a card that can be used with any packs purchased.  The free pack must be from the collections with a value of $4.99 or less.

Rental Rewards Program: 

  • When you bring back your rental/s, you will be given a rewards card.  Each time you bring back a rental/s, you'll receive a stamp on your card.  After the 9th stamp, you're 10th rental/s will be free!!!


Card Purchase Policy


Cards 'n Stripes Purchase Policy has 2 levels. Bulk and Individual​.

  •  Bulk - 1000 cards, commons and uncommons
    (10 cents each for rares and mythics) - $3

  •  Individual - Store Credit -  100% TCG Buylist 
  •  Individual - Cash - 33% TCG Market Price

 *This is the generalized Purchase Policy. Collections and purchases may vary. 

Return Policy


 CnS will provide full refund for any unopened/unused merchandise with receipt within 30 days of purchase.

We are unable to provide refund for individual card sales.